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Conference sound system and factories touring

Conference sound system and factories touring

Our tour guide system has been successfully used during conferences, as well as simultaneous and consecutive interpreting. We currently have modern and reliable equipment that guarantees crystal-clear sound quality.

The Okayo WT-300 system is perfect for simultaneous interpreting and as a conferencing sound system. Its biggest advantages are: a range up to 150 m, no need to recharge or replace the battery for 65 hours of operation, no interference, 40 channels, the option of connecting an mp3 player, the option of placing advertisements on receivers and transmitters.
Our tour guide system is also ideal for showing people around noisy environments such as factories.

As the largest company in Poland dealing in renting tour guide systems, we are able to handle conferences and guided tours of facilities even for events composed of thousands of participants.

The sound system of the conference and simultaneous interpreting includes:

- cabins for interpreters
- receivers and transmitters
- disposable earphones or headphones
- tie clips and head worn microphones
- technical support,

Taking care of the highest quality of conference sound and simultaneous interpreting services, we can offer receivers with the logo of your conference or your client.

Important Information

Simultaneous interpreting –translating in real time. For simultaneous interpreting, at least two interpreters and professional equipment are necessary (see below).

Consecutive interpreting - translating when the speaker ends their speech. During the speech, the interpreter usually stands next to the speaker.

Technical service of the conference - on request, we can provide additional support such as handing out and collecting equipment, installation of cabins for interpreters and platforms, supervision over the event.

Tour guide system – tailored to our client’s needs includes (but is not limited to) audio guides, tourist headsets, radio guide headsets for groups, etc. It allows you to transmit any kind of audio information via a transmitter equipped with a microphone to receivers with headphones.

Simultaneous Interpreting – the necessary equipment for simultaneous interpreting is: a booth for interpreters and a tour guide system, which includes - receivers, transmitters, microphones, and earphones.

Wireless conference and simultaneous translation sound system can be delivered within 24 hours to the following places: Szczecin | Warszawa | Gdańsk | Katowice | Kraków | Opole | Wrocław | Łódź | Poznań | Zielona Góra | Gorzów Wielkopolski | Bydgoszcz | Toruń | Białystok | Olsztyn | Rzeszów | Lublin | Kielce |