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Luka tour guide


LUKA TOUR GUIDE is a company specializing in comprehensive services for travel agencies, hotels and conference organizers in the field of renting unique tour guide system. The growing needs of our clients are driving innovation for solutions that improve the quality of our products. Tour Guide System, also popularly known as the wireless tour guide system, tourist headsets and audio guides are indispensable assets enabling companies to get ahead in the competition to gain new clients and expand market share.

TOUR GUIDE SYSTEM enables the easy transmission of information by a tour guide to a tour group even in the most crowded and noisy places. Utilising this technology, you can avoid a situation in which tourists have a problem with receiving messages about the location being visited. Using TOUR GUIDE SYSTEM also allows you to shorten the length of a visit by up to 30% – which is of great importance when planning an attractive tour program in terms of efficiency and finance.

TOUR GUIDE SYSTEM is a solution not only for the tourism industry, but also an incredible tool for simultaneous translations often used during conferences or business meetings.

In our business, we follow the principle of the highest quality at a reasonable price. For this reason, in our offer we have the best system available on the market: WT-300. Before each subsequent rental, the systems are thoroughly checked, disinfected and calibrated by our team. Taking care of the hygiene of your customers, only disposable earphones will be included in the rented systems.

Taking care of your comfort our systems are equipped with AA alkaline batteries whose run time is sufficient for trips lasting up to 14 days. Thanks to this, there is no need for daily equipment charging. The lack of charger cases means that the systems are delivered to you in convenient, light suitcases on wheels.

In order to meet our client’s needs, we also provide marketing support. The construction of receivers and transmitters allows you to place advertising materials on the devices, which gives the opportunity to stand out in the crowd and allows the tourists identify with the your brand. In addition, in the spirit of continual cooperation we provide neck cords with the company logo.

The benefits of renting a system over buying one

The basic question that our clients ask themselves is whether it is better to buy or rent a TOUR GUIDE SYSTEM. It is worth remembering that the purchase of equipment is not always superior. We often forget that equipment requires a costly upkeep: the purchase and replacement of batteries and disposable earphones as well as disinfection of receivers and transmitters after each use. It can dramatically increase costs due to the fact that we often have to delegate an additional person responsible for preparing the equipment.


Luka Tour Guide System

WT-300 is the most cutting edge system for radio transmission between the guide and the participants of the trip. The system will provide your tourists with comfort and convenience whilst visiting even the most crowded tourist attractions.

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Luka Tour Guide Marketing

W naszej działalności kierujemy się zasadą: najwyższa jakość za rozsądną cenę. Dla tego też, w naszej ofercie dysponujemy najlepszym dostępnym na rynku systemem: WT-300. Przed każdym kolejnym wynajmem systemy zostają wnikliwie sprawdzone oraz zdezynfekowane przez naszych zespół. Dbając o higienę państwa klientów do wypożyczonych systemów dołączymy wyłącznie słuchawki jednokrotnego użytku.
Dbając o państwa wygodę nasze systemy wyposażone są w baterie alkaiczne AA, których czas pracy jest wystarczający dla wyjazdów trwających do 14 dni. Dzięki temu nie ma konieczności codziennego ładownia sprzętu. Brak walizek ładujących powoduje, że systemy są dostarczane do państwa w wygodnych i lekkich walizkach na kółkach.
Wychodząc na przeciw naszym klientów zapewniamy również wsparcie marketingowe. Budowa odbiorników i nadajników umożliwia umieszczenie na nich reklamy państwa biura, co daje możliwość wyróżnienia w tłumie i sprawia, że turyści utożsamiają się marką biura. Dodatkowo przy stałej współpracy zapewniamy smycze z logotypem firmy.